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October 2nd, 2009

06:53 am - My Expanding Birthday Package
Hello dear ones,

I'm having a special birthday auction. That's right, I want to watch you fight
over me.
I'm starting out low so EVERYONE has a chance to win this one.

BUT....the higher it gets...the more you get. A slave contract lasting one year
(from Halloween '09 to Halloween '10) will be added if it gets past $600!
Yeah, I know it's a lot but its my birthday!!

lets start with what you get to start, before I tell you about what you will
get if you bid your ass off.

-You get one white cotton thong. Worn to my book release party.
-One unlimited phone call with yours truly!

-A signed copy of Nepenthe #1 my new erotica collection
...If the bid gets past $70
you get...all that plus..
- a CD of my best hypnotic trances..including a custom session of your choice
- One pussy pop...and video of me using it!

Get it past $150...
...you get all that plus
- A completely custom photo shoot/CD
- A CD of my best erotica stories read to you by me!

...there's more surprises along the way!
but, i know what you wanna know about!!

My slave contract will include weekly hypnosis sessions by phone. Assignments
and much much more. I'm aching to get my hands and a man...and go on a shopping
spree while I'm at it.

There's a POSSIBILITY of live sessions for NY/NJ boys who bid REALLY HIGH....
Want to bid?


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September 21st, 2009

11:19 pm - Missing Phone Sex?
You can buy a session from my dutch auction. $30 for a whole hour (I won't tell if we go over!)
If you want, buy & book tonight...I promise to make it an experience to remember!


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September 12th, 2009

03:07 am - Lycia's Camping Footwear!
Check out my latest stinky auction here. 7 days only...don't miss out!

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September 7th, 2009


Hey Guys!
I listed an auction on Ebanned today for some of my freshly chewed gum!
This is the first auction ive listed this year!
So make sure to bid bid bid!



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July 16th, 2009

12:12 pm - Panty Auction from Thick & Sexy Girl
Hey Gents,
My used, dirty, juicy panties are currently available for purchase on eBanned.

Here's a sneak preview for you:

If you'd like to have them as your own, please check out my auction:

They're starting at $20 and that's with S&H included. ;)


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May 14th, 2009

04:29 pm
Panties, bras, and stockings available for sale any way you like them!
Check out my livejournal and email sassygingerr@gmail.com for more information and to purchase.

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May 4th, 2009

11:55 pm - Lycia's Shiny Shredded Hose
These hot, unique pantyhose have been worn by me many times, even after they got all ripped up. I actually like the way the rips look. These hose are very special, and very fragrant, and they're about to get more fragrant.

Why in the world would I wear these with underwear? There's absolutely no reason to.

It's summertime, and I am sweating more than usual.

Accept that you need to own these.

And bid hard.

This auction runs for 10 days.
Starting bid is $15, and bids must be in increments of $5.
Buy them now for $200
Buyer pays an additional $5 for shipping.
Payment options will be discussed.

Click here to bid now.

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April 8th, 2009

05:37 am - Lycia's Sweaty Shoes - 4 Days Only!
Okay, these shoes need to go. Do you see how they are made? They're like an airtight stink cocoon! I can't believe I have been wearing these for so long, when they smell like they do.

When I go to my friend's house, her dog licks and cleans my feet and shoes. I guess they are so smelly that the dog thinks they're food, lol!

So, not only do my shoes smell like stinky, sweaty feet with no room to breathe, but they also smell like dog drool. Isn't that nice, for you? Oh, and there's some left-over glue from the original soles on them. You can eat that.

Is the fact that you are going to bid on my sweat-sponge shoes making you hot? Are you a horny ebanned shoe-sniffer? Well, you won't be disappointed with these. As soon as you put them up to your perverted nose, you'll be all, "Oh my, what *is* this magickal stench?" And you'll end up begging me to auction off more footwear, like socks and hosiery, just so you can get your fix of my foot smell again.

Bid harder than ever, sweeties. They deserve it. Click here to bid now.

This auction lasts only four days!

Winning bid must add $6 additional dollars to the total in order to compensate for shipping charges.

Starting bid is $20, bids must be in $10 increments.

You can buy them now for $200.

Payment options will be discussed.

Serious bidders only!

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March 9th, 2009

03:49 am - Lycia's Exhibitionist Gym Shirt
Attention all fragrance and Goddess addicts!

My inner exhibitionist has been rising lately! Today, before I went to the gym, I decided to put on this pink top that I *know* you can see My nipples through. It's supposed to be worn with a bra, but I wanted to make all the boys at the gym get hard-ons. That way, they could go home and masturbate about how they saw My voluptuous breasts bouncing and jiggling while I used the aerobic equipment.

After a while, I was sweating so much that My pink top became much *more* transparent. I might as well have been topless, but it was fun to pretend that I didn't even know about all that was showing.

I just made small talk with some of the boys here and there, and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. But I took extra care to make sure that My breasts were moving as much as possible while I used the machinery. I could see men and women staring at Me wherever I went, and I just laughed to Myself about how they'd be masturbating about Me, because I am sure they will.

I enjoyed teasing everyone so much, that I want to do it again. In fact, I plan on it. The more people I brainwash with My tits, the better. So, by the time you get this top, it'll be penetrated with My sweat and My scent.

Imagine how jealous the boys at the gym would be if they knew I was auctioning this off? I am sure if they had the chance to own it, they'd be stroking their dicks with it every night, thinking about how hot My breasts look when they are in motion. Lol! I love being a cocktease.

Bid hard for this one, sweeties!

Click here to bid now.

Serious bidders only.
Auction runs for 10 days.
Starting bid is $30.
Bids are in increments of $5.
Buy it now for $200.
You pay shipping ($6 extra).
Payment options will be discussed.

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February 15th, 2009

10:35 am - Stimulus THIS!
As part of Raygun Robyn's Economic Stimulus Package, all shirts are now just 16 FRICKING BUCKS!! You can't beat that with a frozen boot! Check out my Etsy and website for all my great items!!!

Buy Handmade

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