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Help Me Clean Out My Shoe Cabinet! - Buy & Sell Adult Auctions

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February 5th, 2011

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09:25 pm - Help Me Clean Out My Shoe Cabinet!

Im now giving these heel up for a slave that can worship them
these heels are by Dolce Vita (orig. 130)
Im selling them to the highest bidder starting at $150 usd
wondering why are these so special???
well for starts...
+they are 4 years ld. well kept. and My prized possesion because these heels were My FIRST tribute!
+I wore them everywhere while doing everything ... and I mean everything.     ; )

Im not putting these up on My ebanned listing because I would like to get to know the person who bought these from Me
so you can message Me here on Live journal.
Ill be happy to cam confirm on yahoo or skype.

kink and ink,


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